Sculptural Subjects: Figures and Encounters in Space

Museum Geographies

Throughout June, July and August I visited a number of exhibitions where sculptural representations of the human body dominated the presentation. …

The Story of Jilo: The Survivor

Shades of Noir

Desire Thompson-George is a Guyanese born, UK based sculptor with experience in publishing. She has remained steadfast in her approach and self-appointed responsibility for a delicately artistic, but critical approach to her practice and storytelling as a descend.

Talking Survival at Caribbean Women Conference

Southern World Arts News

The conference also comprised an exhibition by Guyana-born British artist Desrie Thomson-George, whose sculptures told the story of “Jilo, the Survivor”. Her work referenced the “Windrush” generation in Britain and gave insight into how immigrants have coped with being in a hostile setting. …

Liberated - an exhibition by Desrie Thomson-George

London Calling

The Fine Artist is showing sculptures and installations driven by political, social and cultural issues of being a Black woman in the West. …

‘LIBERATED’ by Desrie Thomson-George (art exhibition)

Meetings of Minds UK

Desrie’s works form a critical response to the social, cultural and political awareness of her existence as a black woman born in Guyana and the effects of being brought up in the UK, in an area in London where her family were the only black people in the neighbourhood, and Desrie the only black child in her primary school. …

‘Liberated’ At The Art Academy

Miss Brown Got Around

Emerging artist Desrie Thomson-George will be exhibiting her thought provoking collection of sculptures and works titles ‘Liberated’ next month, 5-8 July at The Art Academy, London. …